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Something Borrowed's Styled Shoot

Having been a part of the wedding community in Dorset for over four years now, I’m well versed in the trials and tribulations of wedding season. Weekends are the busiest time, and with a steady increase in weekday weddings, suppliers are always on the go. So why not add a styled shoot to the mix on a sunny Tuesday evening?!

After visiting the Bournemouth Vintage Emporium for a cream tea, I was impressed with its set-up – the truly vintage items, arranged in such a way that you felt that you were time travelling through remarkable decades. That, and the quirky tearoom made it a place I knew would offer a gorgeous backdrop to a bridal photoshoot.

I made a beeline for the suppliers that advertise in Something Borrowed, as not only have they been popular with the readers, I also knew that they would deliver an end result that would be extraordinary. The aim was to capture different ‘looks’ from two models, recruited from Pole Crazy, the pole dancing school in Bournemouth. One was a wistful, dreamy vintage look, to compliment the vintage surroundings, and the other was a more contemporary look, with ‘attitude and tattoos’ being the buzz words.

Once the crew arrived at the Emporium (and after a restorative cup of tea) Amazing Face’s make up artist Caroline set to work on Tammy’s vintage look make up whilst the team’s hair dresser Elke, began the transformation of mum-of-one Sian in to a Rock ‘n’ Roll temptress. Queue much backcombing. Once the girls were ready, they were dressed in the gowns loaned by All Aspects of Bournemouth. These stunning dresses offered us a range of looks for both ‘brides’ from slinky, to cute to sophisticated elegance.

The gals sparkled, thanks to the bespoke headpieces loaned by Tiaras By Becky, who handmade each piece worn. The bejewelled brooch bouquet marks the launch of a new line by this talented jewellery maker, and we’re in no doubt that brides will be champing at the bit to own one, each offering a lovely wedding keepsake that can be passed on for generations to come.

One of the key elements were the flowers, which were arranged by Concept Flowers. Lauren’s creative ability is astounding, and boy, did she deliver. Each ‘set’ had been carefully considered, with our whimsical vintage bride bedecked in muted hues of lilac and pink and our inked beauty had vibrant colours that just brought the whole look together.

Thanks to the two immensely talented photographers, Bridle Photography and Ten Six Eight Photography, each model had her own pap. Take a look at the gorgeous images and see for yourself how talented these two Dorset photographers are.

We were especially excited to feature newcomer to the wedding industry, DDH Wedding & Event Hire. We borrowed their super cute ‘Happily Ever After’ sign, which just completed our look. Its quirky elegance will bring a sense of promise, nostalgia and fun to a wedding. Coupled with the gorgeous lace bunting by Bunting By Chris, this makes for one helluva stylish wedding!

The shoot wouldn’t have been complete without Harry from Harry’s Vintage Wedding Films. Harry’s style is incomparable; he shoots on super 8 cine film which results in an absolutely stunning and timeless memento. Just have a look at our film from behind the scenes at the shoot!

Any bride looking for a vintage wedding style should check out all of the companies we worked with on this, it’s a no-brainer really. And those a little more daring? You should talk to them too – each of these brilliant businesses have so much talent and ability that you’ll get the day you have always wanted.

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