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Should you invite kids to your wedding?

Ah, I remember it well. The 'we know sooooo many people with kids' discussion. We didn't have children ourselves and when counted up, there were 17 tiny people that came with our guest list. To us, that represented not asking 17 friends in favour of some bringing their offspring, so we made the decision to not invite children, other than those in our immediate family.


It wasn't because we don't like children, because we do - it was purely a space issue. We had to choose and that meant, for the wedding breakfast at least, it was a squealer-free zone. Some guests were grateful for the day of eating with both hands, snot-free shoulders and conversation that didn't include Angelina Ballerina, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles or poop (unless they were on the table at the back with my friends who really haven't grown up yet...) but some were miffed. Not that they said it to me, but word gets back.

So, really what I'm saying is this; do what suits you. Kids didn't fit my day (venue to small, didn't have any of my own) but years later, they will be intrinsic to planning my sister's wedding. Don't be fazed by snide remarks from friends about 'finding babysitters' or it being about the kids. It's your day and if the only (big) kids you want there are the groomsmen, then that's ok. And on the flipside, if you want a day that has lots of littlies then that's awesome - they'll have a blast and they do go to bed eventually....sometimes.

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