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Perfect Imperfection

It was recently my 4th wedding anniversary (28th January, if you're interested) and in the days leading up to it, I got to thinking...what would I change about my big day?

Something Borrowed had only just started when I got married...in fact issue one went to print whilst I was on honeymoon, so I was new to the world of weddings. Four years in I can spot a trend from ten paces, name heaps of dress designers and work with an elite team of perfect wedding suppliers but back then it was all a bit...new. Planning now would be a doddle, and I'm certain my now-friends would pitch in and I'd have a perfect day, with no hitches. But despite that, I wouldn't change what I had for the world. And let me tell you why.

Next, my army of bridesmaids. I had 10 adults and 2 children. Picking a dress they liked, that I liked, that we could afford was a mission. Having that many meant Oliver and I made a contribution, and they paid the rest, but I did my utmost to find a dress for less, and owing to a glitch in online ordering, I got each dress for the bargain price of £45. We bought them nice and early in the planning, which lasted 18 months. Pat on the back...or so I thought. On the morning of my wedding, after dressing the venue, we all went to my bridal suite to get dressed. As each maid tried on her dress, it became apparent that some hadn't put them on for a while. The dresses were rather loose, and worse still, the detachable straps had been lost. Not to worry though, the girls just used the hanging ribbons to keep their modesty covered. Not ideal, but you know what, it didn't matter because they were there, they looked beautiful and now, it's just a funny memory.

And that's just what I'm trying to say. In imperfection you'll find your own beauty, your own romance and your own magic. By all means, strive for perfection, but embrace those little things that will make your wedding day unique and yours.

Thanks to our awesome wedding photographer, Tim Churchill (www.tim-churchill.com) for the photos.

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