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Planning a Hen ‘do

My beautiful sister Isobel got engaged last year, and had a baby in the mean time, so weddings have been on the back burner. Until now. In the tradition of leap years, she decided to pop the question to him – will you marry me in September? Obviously he said yes! There were celebrations all round, and thus the countdown to plan their fairytale wedding in just 6 months...

Three sisters at a spa hen weekend

As a pack of three, my sisters and I all get the opportunity to be the Maid of Honour for each other, and this is my time to step up! It is exactly what it says; an honour to be the go-to lady, but a wedding in 6 months equals #stress!! We are some lucky ladies to have the wonderful Something Borrowed editor, Eleanor, as Matron of Honour, as Isobel and I are novices at this wedding malarkey!

Amongst the usual MOH duties of wedding fairs, testing all the cake and Champagne (it’s a hard life) the task of The Hen Party has fallen in my hands. As a post –university social secretary you’d think ‘what a breeze’ but skint students are one thing; I now have nine 30-something women to organise! With mortgages, babies, husbands, careers and general life to pay for how am I to find the perfect ‘one size fits all’ hen party?!

What you think the bride wants VS what she actually wants....

This is where myself and Eleanor disagreed on what we believed would be Isobel’s ideal hen party; she thought a quiet and refined soiree where all the ladies in Isobel’s life could attend, whereas I thought a sunny getaway with the bridesmaids would be the preferred. Although, Eleanor’s idea is the norm for what Isobel would love to do, I just thought for her hen party she would want an extravagant exit from maidenhood.

How to meet the expectation of The Bride, but also all the Bridesmaids

Now that we have agreed that a little weekend away is the event, how do you meet the expectation of the bride, but is inclusive for all the ladies wanting to celebrate with her? This is the dilemma I am facing! Where is cost effective? What is a budget we can stretch to? Will the suggestion of a destination abroad automatically put the mums and career gals off?

Queue much searching of various discount holiday sites, cross-referencing of hotels on Trip Advisor to make sure we don’t end up in a hovel and checking that everyone has current passports.

We want the whole party to enjoy and relax their time away, and we want to make sure all the activities are inclusive for all the bridesmaids – no point planning a carnage weekend in Ibiza if half the group doesn’t drink or party! This could be more difficult when it’s an unknown destination somewhere in Europe as researching and contacting a Spanish company in the depths of Seville can be tricky!

I’m glad that there is one thing my sisters and I agree on, is that the cliché and cheesy hen party classics are something we all cannot abide. So you can guarantee there will not be a single stripper, penis memorabilia or ‘L’ plate in sight! We are much more the vintage high tea sort of ladies – alas we do love a good themed fancy dress so watch this space for Isobel-themed dress ups!

Eleanor's Britney vs Christina hen party at Butlins

Eleanor's Britney vs Christina hen party at Butlins

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