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How hard can it be?

This isn't a soapbox blog. I'm not here to wax lyrical about how buying from a supplier is the be all and end all, but what I am here to do is put the DIY trend to the test. The DIY phenomenon began about six years ago, when weddings really started to move out of the hotels and bricks and mortar venues and in to marquees, barns, fields, village halls - you get the drift. That's not to say that weddings hadn't had an element of doing what you can' yourself before this, but with the advent of Pinterest, it's a whole new beast.

From simple jam-jars to cake creations, the DIY possibilities are endless, but just how easy is it? To DIY a wedding effectively, you must be in possession of at least an ounce of creativity and crafting ability. Sadly for me, I lack ANY kind of crafty gene; which is why I thought I'd see how well I could craft different aspects of a wedding - then you, dear reader, can gauge for yourself the pros and cons of using a professional.

Follow my escapades as I tour the wedding suppliers of Dorset, having a turn at doing what they do.

First up is floristry, were I join the extraordinarily awesome Concept Flowers in her workshop in a side by side flower-off. The full blog of my misadventure with bouquets will be up later this week...

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