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Who are we?

Something Borrowed has been a staple of Dorset's bridal planning for over five years now, and in that time there have been highs and, well...not so highs. Now we're going to offer a little 'behind the scenes' insight in to what goes in to each issue and who does what.

Firstly, let's meet the team.


I began in marketing after graduating university (an ever so useful 2:1 in Drama hahaha). I was predominantly a copywriter, but having worked closely with the design team, I developed an interest in graphic design, so I learned that too. Something Borrowed came about just as I got married myself - issue one came out while I was on honeymoon. Since that first publication, I've learned A LOT and looking back I can see how far its come.

I write the articles, I contact local suppliers, I source the wedding stories and I put it all together in a neat little package. Being a one woman band has its stresses (I'm awfully indecisive at times, and I have no one to ask!) but it also means that nothing happens here that I don't know about. Yay for my inner control freak. Business 101 is to make your company seem bigger, but it's my experience that small, personable companies are the ones brides want to deal with. Hurrah for the small and minute businesses out there, making a difference to so many lives.

Something Borrowed began in January 2012; an endeavour to bring quality content together with honest, local suppliers. Very quickly, we established a strong base of advertisers, many of which are still advertising five years down the line. It has always been of paramount importance that the non-advertising content be as useful, interesting and current as possible, so we can offer a bride a real 'magazine' experience. Our rebrand in 2013 brought the look up to date, and gave us a real grown up feel. Issue 21 has just been released, and it's bigger and better than ever.

We have big plans for expanding the Something Borrowed brand in to surrounding counties, so watch out Somerset, Hampshire and Devon....you're next!

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